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3-fingered functional prosthesis “Finch” is designed for forearm amputees. With the combination of simple sensing, simple control , and simple structure, Finch offers an intuitive way of use in various scenes of daily life. 3D-printed additive technology enables us to make it lower in cost and lighter in weight. We hope that something good will be brought by using it.


Potential user:

Easy to use: 3-fingered-functional hand with simple control

The opposed three fingers enable users to pick, hold and manipulate the various object as you want (up to 500 g). A muscle bulge sensor (photo reflector) located inside of the pocket of support interface can suitably detect the changes of shape in forearm muscle, and then the signal gives the motor to open/close. Since the sensor does not have to place on the skin , Finch can be applicable those who cannot use the myoelectric sensor.

Grasping with Finch
Muscle bulge sensor

Easy to fit: Ready-made socket & washable interface

The combination of 3D printed-ready-made socket and fabric washable support interface offer users comfortable fit of Finch. The support socket does not prevent elbow movement so that Finch offers natural object manipulation in the daily living.

support socket

Easy to get: Low price even without public support

3D-printed additive technology enables us to make it lower in cost and lighter in weight. Finch is ready to use for everyone at any time. You can order by yourself on the website without medical prescription.


*1 In case of repeating the closed and open movement every 30 seconds


If you need more detailed information about Finch, please feel free to contact us.

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How to choose the right size of the socket

Please estimate the size in accordance with the maximum circumference of the forearm.

Size Circumference Item No. (left) Item No. (right)
L 24~26cm 000-0902 000-0912
M 22~24cm 000-0903 000-0913
S 20~22cm 000-0904 000-0914
SS 18~20cm 000-0905 000-0915